Wednesday, 28 January 2009


So I am doing this course, and I have to admit that I have been less than motivated lately, okay, for the last year really. Combination of having a baby under a year old plus a 3 year old just put the stoppers on the whole thing to be perfectly honest. And then the last couple of weeks I have had a burst of 'course energy' I have been imaginatively calling it. I've done 3 essays in as many weeks, booked myself onto a mini course i needed to, arranged a few meetings and started some paperwork on an information file.

Thats all really, just wanted to say YAY ME! I'm not a quitter. I can't even quit this blog, and I did think about it the other day. Me? Commitmentphobic?

Monday, 19 January 2009

A Quiet Day - Golden Silence? Or something else...

I don't often get a quiet day and consequently think about them little, why torture myself afterall. However this afternoon, I was in the supermarket and I bought my basketful using the self-checkout. I then left and went to fill up my car with diesel and used the drive-thru pump. I then came home, fired off some emails, went about a few bits and bobs around my home, texted a friend, then went out to pick up my kids from Grandmas.

The point is, I went nearly 4 hours without saying a word. Those who know me would say that is quite a feat. Two reasons for that, in no particular order (though some might disagree); I love to talk and chat to people; they fascinate me and I love to know what they are thinking. The second (or is it the first?)is that I have two children. One is 3 years old and hasn't paused for breath once yet in around 2 years, the other is 14 months old and is starting to show signs of going the same way as his brother.

So, is silence golden? NOw there is a question. Silence in my life would mean probably that I was on my own. I have a love/hate relationship with silence I think. I love it, in doses. An entire day of silence would probably get up my nose. That said, I actively seek out time every day for some quiet but I suppose it is all about balance.

Next time I might use the manned checkout, be a little more sociable and have a chat while I'm there, afetrall, you don't get much feedback from a robo-till.

Thursday, 15 January 2009

Schools - My baby is growing up...

On a brighter note, we went to see the school today that my eldest will potentially go to and it was ok, not the kind of school I remember going to. It's very touchy feely, very bright and the teachers are all very young and earnest. Of course every time I saw a child around my little ones age I had to try not to burst into tears like the neurotic puddle I have a tendency to morphe into on occasion. I was quite proud of myself really.

Dear hubby took it on the chin like a man and even conceded it was 'ok, not like my school' so that has to be a good thing seeing as from what I can glean from him, his school was a bit of a graffiti covered flea pit.

Well work calls, must stop faffing on the net when I should be getting dressed. New Years Resolution #756. Oh dear.

Tax Return Joys

I just filed my return online and of course it wasn't quite as awful as I imagined it to be, in fact almost painless, apart from of course the amount I will have to pay by the end of the month but i guess you can have everything. New Years Resolution - File return this year in APRIL. Not in January like a loser.

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A Random Error

I came online to Blog this evening on the subject of finishing Breastfeeding, a subject very close to my heart right now if you will excuse the unintended pun - heart close to breasts and all that (I make no apologies for the fact I am freewriting right now!) and as I tried to log into Blogger it told me that I couldnt log in as I did not have cookies enabled and helpfully redirected me to a page where it explained how I could correct this.

I dutifully followed the direction, and when the instructions appeared, I dutifully followed them, despite the fact that as this is the second time I have logged into this site, I must clearly be able to log in. And so there I am, adjusting the cookie slider in my internet options. It is of course on the correct level, so I slide it up and down a bit so that 'it' knows or thinks, or whatever that I have done 'something' and click OK.

I then enter the Blogger website address again and would you know it, I am already logged in. Slightly odd and certainly not worth writing about but there we go.

Did I mention that my New Years Resolution was to write every day? And in accordance with time honoured tradition, I have already failed it. Does this mean that I need to write a few times a day to catch up with myself? Am I in arrears with my blog? That would be slightly ironic given my choice of profession as a Rents Income Specialist.

Did I choose it? Ah well, it is late, I am tired and perhaps that is a subject for another blog, another day. Tomorrow for preference. I am nothing if not optimistic.

Monday, 12 January 2009

Third Mum from the Son - The Great Conspiracy

I have decided it is all be some kind of conspiracy.

'It' of course being motherhood. Because we really must wonder, if we really knew what we were getting into, if we knew that to even have them, was not only deal with many unmentionable, ahem, bodily fluids, that by giving birth we are making a choice to wear our hearts on the outside for the rest of our lives... would we even have them?

I saw a comment on FB today which said "No-one told me babies sick up so much!" and do you know, she is quite right. That fact, along with so many others are just not talked about. Along with toddler tantrums, supermarket horrors, muffin tops (ours, not theirs and not the yummy kind), broken nights, sorry yes, its still going on at 3 years post partum.

Of course once you have HAD said baby, the flood gates are open and you, the new mother sits with open mouthed astonishment as fact after gruesome fact comes spilling out. The nappies, which, while you were actually expecting them, were you really expecting them with such alarming frequency? Or with such variance of colour, odour and general 'leakiness'? Did you know that baby poo can reach the ears? Neither did I, in fact when I saw it there I thought it had somehow been smeared there by the previous 'wiper'.

Too visual? Sorry. Welcome to planet baby and seeing as I thought I might chat about snot next perhaps an apology in advance is due?

Actually I dont think I can face snot right now, I've been wiping it up all day but you know, I'll do it again tomorrow and strangely enough, with each wipe I won't be grimacing, I'll be thinking, there, thats much nicer for you.

Its not so much a conspiracy then. More a protection. We dont go into these details because I'm sorry, but I really don't think that pre-birth, we can deal with the prospect of these gross aspects of mother/parenthood; I know I probably couldn't have. I don't 'do' poo. Then once we reach it, we realise its all worth the ride. Snotty noses, horrendous nappies and 'Oh god I can't face the supermarket with both of them ever again' moments. A small small price to pay for a day of life with my kids.