Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Birth Story Daisy Caitlyn
Born Tuesday 1st June 2010 at 10.08pm
8lb 6oz

Around 8am on Tuesday morning I started to have contractions which started to come fairly regularly and around 7 mins apart, lasting 20-30 seconds so I started to get quite excited thinking that we’d have a baby by the end of the day. Kev postponed his lessons and we packed the kids off with a friend and waited for things to happen but they tailed off by lunchtime. Gutted! I had a midwife appointment booked for 2.10pm so we went along to that.

I asked her to do another sweep and she said I was 3cm and ready to go, just a waiting game. She rang the hospital and booked an induction for Friday morning and off we went feeling a bit dejected!

We went to a cafĂ© for a cuppa before going to fetch the kids and while we were there the contractions came back. They started to come every 10 minutes or so but for some reason I didn’t really believe it this time and had already in my head written off the day! We headed home at around 6pm after the kids had had dinner with my brother and sister in law and put them to bed around 7pm, I managed to read them their story! By this point they were coming every 7 or so mins again.

At about 9.30pm I noted that they were now coming every 5 minutes and lasting up to 30 seconds. I was still coping quite well at this point and I started to think about ringing the hospital just to let them know that I was ‘out there’ as I knew I would have to have the electronic fetal monitoring in labour once I got into the hospital due to my previous ceasarean section. I rang at 9.40pm and the midwife on the phone said fine, see how I feel in an hour or so, and to come in once my contractions were 3-4 mins apart or to ring if my waters broke.

9.45pm – stronger contraction
9.50pm – waters broke with the contraction
9.51pm – rang the hospital to tell them waters had gone and contraction was stronger – they said come in straightaway. Kev started to get my stuff together.
9.55pm – Another contraction and it had a slightly different ‘sensation’ and I thought ‘I recognise that!!!’
9.58pm – Realised I wanted to push and told Kev to ring 999 and got onto my knees leaning against the sofa where I had been sat.

Kev was on the phone to 999 and they were talking to him. I still had my trousers on at this point so he basically took them off for me! I heard her on the phone telling Kev to get me onto my back! I remember shouting out that there was no way I was getting on my back! LOL.

I then had to push and felt her come right down but not quite out. The next push her head came halfway out and I heard Kev saying to the 999 woman ‘Half a head! Half a head!’ Presumably she was asking what he could see! Kev was telling me at this point to push but without a contraction I couldn’t and then on the next one, I pushed and the rest of her head and her body all came out at once. Kev literally caught her and put her on the towel on the floor between my legs!

I wiped her nose and mouth with the towel and she cried straightaway! I asked Kev if she was definitely a girl! We checked that the cord wasn’t around her neck and all was fine.

Suddenly the ambulance arrived and the paramedics were surprised to see the baby born already and asked when it happened. Kev said one minute ago and the paramedic checked her watch and said ‘Ok, she was born at 10.08pm then’.

I managed to sit down and have a bit of a cuddle then, the placenta took about 20 mins to come and its funny how I went through the birth with only my TENS machine but I used Entonox to deliver the placenta! The midwife arrived around 10.30pm and wasn’t sure whether I had a 2nd or 3rd degree tear and so we were transferred to the hospital. Thankfully it was just 2nd degree and she was able to repair it with just local anaesthetic. I decided to stay overnight, had a lovely long hot bath and we came home after breakfast on Wednesday!

So there we have it! I remember joking to Kev about having a homebirth I remember mentioning a homebirth to him earlier in the pregnancy and the look on this face said it all, though he did make his feelings perfectly clear! He in no way shape or form wanted a homebirth and yet he ended up delivering our lovely daughter! He had a lot of anxiety about not being ‘in the right place’ if something should go wrong. After Daisy was born he said that if we accidentally got pregnant again – and it would have to be an accident by the way – then we may as well just have a homebirth, which shows just how far he’s come with confidence in my body to do what it is supposed to do!