Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Holiday America

We really want to go to America for a holiday to visit relatives. And to start with I was so excited. But now its so stressful. The sceptre of the expense is looming high and huge on the horizon. We want to go but how much do we want to bankrupt ourselves in the process?

It's about ideals too. If we are going to New York state then I really want to goto New York City. To go out there and not see that amazing city would frankly be soul destroying and I don't think I could cope with that.

Initial thoughts are as follows.
* Fly to New York airport
*Stay in hotel for 3 nights while sight seeing
*Hire car (complete with children's seats) for road trip up to relatives home in north New York state for approx 10 days
*Drive back to New York to catch flight back to UK

...unfortunately all this is rolling in at around £3000. Not exactly the sort of cash I've got lying around in piggy banks.

What do u do? How else can I shuffle this to make it work somehow. Answers on a postcard please!
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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want

I want to be a midwife. Not because I love ickle babies, but because I think the female body is incredibly clever, and creative and instinctive. Woman is amazing. She copes with so much, she gives birth, she works, she raises her children, she will strive for self actualisation given the opportunity.

I love pregnancy. I enjoyed being pregnant despite its various challenges it presented me with. Setting aside the incredible pain, I loved giving birth. I love to be around pregnant women. I feel inspired by them and motivated to be a better person. I want to support them to have the best experience they could possibly have. I want to be there when that happens.

To be a midwife though will mean university for 3 years full-time and that means 3 years essentially away from my own 3 incredible children.

So another possibility is to train as an Antenatal Teacher with the NCT. The question I keep asking myself is will that be enough for me? Will I always be wondering if I settled for second best? Is it second best? I just don't know.
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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Repeating myself now

You see this is the problem with Blogger Droid, I don't actually see my blog, and the last two entries were essentially replica. So now not only am I procrastinating, I'm also going senile. Excellent.

Went to college this morning. I am now so close to qualifying as a breastfeeding counselor. It's so exciting that the end is finally in sight and even better that the 'point' of all of this is finally in sight now.

Ive been thinking about how the course has changed me and I think that confidence comes out on top. Age probably helps that but really its my confidence as a mother, as someone who can bring value to a situation, as a wife, friend...

This week someone directly attacked my parenting style. They questioned why I would have my 4 month child sleeping in my room still with me. World Health Organization recommendations aside, that decision lies with me and my husband. No one else and certainly not her. Did I point this out to her? No I didn't, because to have said anything like that would have humiliated her even though that's what she tried to do to me. So I simply said I have baby in with me because I want to. And I started talking with someone else rather than poke her in the nose which was my first (and less friendly) inclination. How very dare she.
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