Sunday, 30 December 2012

The End of the Year

I came on today to have a look at last years new years resolutions (in the vague and vain hope that I kept some?!) and it appears that I wrote none! Well none on here anyway so I shall attempt to cobble some together now. A little news first though - we received the final statement for our lovely boy and the recommendation is that he have fulltime help at school which is brilliant and exactly what he needs. I spoke to his INA and she is prepared to up her hours to accomodate him so I am so happy. A great way to end the year!

The good thing about having neglected to write NYRs last year is that I hopefully haven't broken any I may have had in mind? I thought though that I would start with a quick 'Thankful List' from this past year.

In no particular order (I'm thankful for all of them!) - My Thankful List

1) My son starting school and successfully getting the statement he needs
2) Getting into uni to study midwifery and loving every second so far
3) Husband getting some regular work
4) Passing my review in breastfeeding counselling - next one in three years
5) Mine and my familys good health
6) My wonderful supportive family and friends

So now to look forward

1) Predictably - lose 14lb
2) Be a better mummy *sigh*
3) Keep ahead of uni deadlines and keep on top of work for it
4) Make the most of my time off
     - Spend time individually with my kids
     - Do datenight with Mr Tant regularly
     - Have some me-time else I'll go dolally
5) Actually manage to keep to a daily devotional - read my bible more!
6) Update my birthday book and send birthday cards (I'm so rubbish at this and continually feel wracked with guilt, how silly is that?!)
7) Keep my bedroom tidy - I know... how old am I??
8) Be a good wife, daughter, friend etc etc (No pressure there then)

I think that will do for now. I had hoped to get 10 but thats just my slightly obsessive nature coming through (9... try not to wake in the night thinking of numbers 9&10).

Its been a funny year really, some thought it might have come to a premature end. Well that was never going to happen, I have far too much going on to worry too much about the Mayan calendar changeover. What else has been going on this year? The great news of that little girl coming home to her mum from Pakistan after being abducted 3 years ago by her father. The Olympics and Paralympics. The Queens Diamond Jubilee. Barack Obama winning another term as President of the US.

Then there are the not so happy happenings of the year... the Saville case which was just horrendous. Hurricane Sandy. The Conneticut School shooting...

So I've taken a moment while I've finished writing this to remember the people affected by these.


So happy new year lovely people, see you on the other side.