Wednesday, 14 January 2009

A Random Error

I came online to Blog this evening on the subject of finishing Breastfeeding, a subject very close to my heart right now if you will excuse the unintended pun - heart close to breasts and all that (I make no apologies for the fact I am freewriting right now!) and as I tried to log into Blogger it told me that I couldnt log in as I did not have cookies enabled and helpfully redirected me to a page where it explained how I could correct this.

I dutifully followed the direction, and when the instructions appeared, I dutifully followed them, despite the fact that as this is the second time I have logged into this site, I must clearly be able to log in. And so there I am, adjusting the cookie slider in my internet options. It is of course on the correct level, so I slide it up and down a bit so that 'it' knows or thinks, or whatever that I have done 'something' and click OK.

I then enter the Blogger website address again and would you know it, I am already logged in. Slightly odd and certainly not worth writing about but there we go.

Did I mention that my New Years Resolution was to write every day? And in accordance with time honoured tradition, I have already failed it. Does this mean that I need to write a few times a day to catch up with myself? Am I in arrears with my blog? That would be slightly ironic given my choice of profession as a Rents Income Specialist.

Did I choose it? Ah well, it is late, I am tired and perhaps that is a subject for another blog, another day. Tomorrow for preference. I am nothing if not optimistic.

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