Monday, 19 January 2009

A Quiet Day - Golden Silence? Or something else...

I don't often get a quiet day and consequently think about them little, why torture myself afterall. However this afternoon, I was in the supermarket and I bought my basketful using the self-checkout. I then left and went to fill up my car with diesel and used the drive-thru pump. I then came home, fired off some emails, went about a few bits and bobs around my home, texted a friend, then went out to pick up my kids from Grandmas.

The point is, I went nearly 4 hours without saying a word. Those who know me would say that is quite a feat. Two reasons for that, in no particular order (though some might disagree); I love to talk and chat to people; they fascinate me and I love to know what they are thinking. The second (or is it the first?)is that I have two children. One is 3 years old and hasn't paused for breath once yet in around 2 years, the other is 14 months old and is starting to show signs of going the same way as his brother.

So, is silence golden? NOw there is a question. Silence in my life would mean probably that I was on my own. I have a love/hate relationship with silence I think. I love it, in doses. An entire day of silence would probably get up my nose. That said, I actively seek out time every day for some quiet but I suppose it is all about balance.

Next time I might use the manned checkout, be a little more sociable and have a chat while I'm there, afetrall, you don't get much feedback from a robo-till.

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