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Breastfeeding in the news

It's been a (shameful) while since I wrote about one of the topics close to my heart (literally) and the truth is I've probably been too caught up in my midwifery training to focus on it however this story led me to lift my head above the parapet of books on my table and say "What the...?"

Breastfeeding mandatory for two years in United Arab Emirates

The UAE has passed a law making it compulsory for mothers to breastfeed their children until they are two years old, the justification being it is the child's human right to receive breastmilk. If mothers are actually unable to breastfeed then a wet nurse is to be provided. The law doesn't state what are acceptable reasons to not breastfeed however. Also offices are being made to provide nurseries so that mothers can breastfeed while at work. Implications of the law mean that husbands are therefore able to sue their wives if the…