Monday, 22 February 2010

Pregnant women aren't sick

As you know, I am pregnant. 27 weeks pregnant tomorrow to be exact and I am thrilled, over the moon in fact to be pregnant but healthy, I am not.

And the problem with this is that people don't like unhealthy pregnant women. It doesn't fit into the nice 'blooming healthy' version of pregnant that in actual fact we've fought for. We've fought for pregnancy to be recognised again, as it was 'way back when' as a normal, healthy part of life and that is brilliant. But in my position right now, it seems to have come at the cost of not allowing pregnant women who are in fact having a pretty naff time of it to not be healthy.

Does that make sense yet?

I suffer with this marvellous thing called PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain) but what it means in lay-person terms is that I feel like I've been kicked in the 'bits', then while I was on the floor writhing in agony, someone thoughtfully stamped all over my hips and lower back. In more medicalised terms, it means that the ligament in my Symphysis has loosened to the extent that it has more movement than usual and grinds and clicks and therefore causes pain. Any scissor movement, i.e. walking, stairs etc is painful. The hip and back pain and also associated sciatica is related to the overall loosening of my ligaments in that area.

So I look like a 90 year old as I hobble around on my crutches and if people ask, its usually to say 'What have you done then?' and if I explain its pregnancy related they start to look a bit uncomfortable. Maybe its the mention of 'pelvis'? Whatever it is, I dont know.

And even some women who have been pregnant are unhappy with the unhealthy pregnant woman. If you mention hip/pelvis pain to some women they brush away your agony by saying that they had that too, all pregnant women have that don't they... No actully they don't... because believe me, there would be far more single children out there if pregnancy reduced all women to this state.

OK, now I've definately moaned enough. I've taken the paracetamol they recommended and it did nothing so in my defense I'm crabby because I'm in pain. I'll endeavor to post a nice happy health pregnancy post next time.