Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Baby Catcher To Be

I haven't posted in a while as I have been a little distracted! On October 3rd, 2011, I applied to University to study Midwifery. I was invited to interview in February and then on 29th March 2012 I heard that I had an unconditional offer and I start this September!

Despite wanting this more than I can explain, I was still overwhelmed by the emotion that poured out of me! All the waiting, the tension... the pure emotional rollercoaster that is the Midwifery application process...

When I first started looking at this all those years ago, people said to me that mature students literally just walk into courses and so in a way I just kind of thought that I wanted to do this, so I'll go to uni and it'll all be wonderful. Back then there wasn't a lot of info online about midwifery applications but the timing wasn't really right anyway. I looked at it again when I was pregnant with my daughter and found and it was there that I had my eyes opened. Abruptly!

Turns out you can't just walk into a Midwifery course! Thankfully in terms of criteria I was already on the way as I was already studying to be a Breastfeeding Counsellor. Its so amazing to me how this has all developed so organically.

I soon found out that the uni I was applying to usually had in excess of 800 applicants every year, that they interviewed around 200... and of those, they offered around 30. Despite the odds which all of a sudden seemed stacked against me, we decided on a year to try and thats how the 3rd October came about.

So here I am. Student Midwife 2012. You only live once, thats not a cliche, its a very serious fact of life. So I'm grabbing it with both hands (though I hope to be considerably more of a hands off kind of midwife ;) )

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