Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Step back in time

On the bank holiday weekend I watched the Duke of Suffolk defeat Sir William of Herstmonceux. I'm not entirely sure of the historical accuracy of the re-enactment - afterall I'm fairly sure that Sir Williams Dad wasn't only concerned with the state of his lawn when he came home to find his son was hosting an impromptu battle in the back garden - but the atmosphere was certainly convincing.
The cannons admitedly sent my middle son up the wall and my eldest son hasn't yet stopped wanting to throw us all into the stocks, but apart from that it was a great day. The amount of traditional medieval dress around actually made me question my own choice of clothing today. Perhaps I should have worn a corset and floor length gown? I might have fit in a little more rather than cut off jeans and a vest top. Not too many White Stuff outlets in medieval Britain.

Number one son tried on some of the soldiers armour and bless his little heart, he was swamped by it. And not surprisingly either... further investigation turned up that the outfit weighed in at around 60lbs! More than his own weight!
It became apparent as the day went on that there is a whole community out there dedicated to medieval seiges and re-enactments. I wonder what their day jobs are?!
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