Saturday, 2 April 2011

Mothers Day

Tomorrow will be my 6th Mothers day. Seems almost unreal that I have been a mother for that long.

I've been been reflecting today about my 'place' in mothers day.

I know that to my children I am the main event so to speak on this day. But I know that I am most definitely not the main event. It's a funny day really, because even though I'm now a mother, I still celebrate my own mother. I am blessed beyond words to still have my mum and also to have a fantastic mother in law.

All the while I celebrate these two women in my life, they are my main events on this day. And rightly so in my mind. The mothers day where I am the main event is the mothers day I'm in mourning and so for that reason I will enjoy my brief moment of Mummy spoiling first thing in the morning with my 3 beautiful children, and then I will throw myself into the celebration of the women who made my Mummy-hood possible.

I don't want Mothers day to just be about me, we need to appreciate the good mothers we have while we have the chance.
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