Friday, 29 April 2011

Duke & Duchess of Cambridge

Today I watched history as our nations favourite Prince got married to the lovely Kate Middleton.

I wish them health and happiness in their marriage, they seem very sweet.

I'd say that Brits in the main have been very happy to see this wedding, not least because there's the general feeling that we've had quite a bit of bad news on a world scale lately. It seems the world loves our Monarchy so it felt like a world event.

Here in the UK people have been celebrating, apparently there was 5500 applications for street parties for today and our (choke) Prime Minister said to celebrate and don't worry about the red tape so presumably there were many more.

We watched the wedding at home then had a BBQ with friends to celebrate. My kids dressed as Princes and a Princess, hence my picture today.

Congratulations William and Kate.
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  1. I was a good Commonwealth subject and also watched the wedding of my future King and Queen... albeit I had to arise at 2:30 a.m. to do so LOL LOVED the dress! And I never realized Harry was getting thin on top before!! Poor boys LOL

    Oh and where's Princess Daisy's fascinator?? I want to see her wearing one like Princess Beatrice :P How DOES she (and Princess Eugenie... and Victoria Beckham... and many others, but theirs were the worst I saw) get them to stick to their foreheads like that?!?! LOL

    P.S... I want to see pics of your handsom princes too!


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