Thursday, 7 April 2011


This morning I met with the Occupational Therapist with Reuben. Amazingly the last time we saw her wad a year ago. It really is shocking that it has been that long but that is typical of the NHS really, lack of funding means that you get discharged from their service at the first opportunity.

Perfect example, Reuben is being assessed for verbal development delay as basically I can't understand much of what he says never mind anyone else and he's been discharged several times. It's madness. A less determined person might have given up by now but I believe that Reuben needs help, more help than I'm equipped to give and that's not false modesty, that's accepting that someone else may have better insight into some of my sons needs than I do and I have to say that admittance does not come easily to me by any means.

As a mother I believe that the vast majority of the time I know what's best for my children. I'm not an ego maniac, I'm a mummy! Sometimes though that belief means allowing someone else to know better and its a hard one to learn.
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  1. I'm sorry but that's insane they would discharge him when he has definite speech issues! Speech therapy has made a WORLD of difference to Culin. Unfortunately, now that he's in kindergarten he has to get it through the school board (instead of the paid-by-OHIP therapy which was constant back-to-back blocks) which is far from consistent, he's had ONE 8-week session (I think it was 8, may have been 6 weeks) which ended in January and now we wait to see if he'll be lucky enough to be able to get another block before the end of the year or not. Thankfully Mike's benefit package from work will pay for up to a certain amount of private therapy... unfortunately speech therapists are far from cheap so that gets eaten up very quickly (fortunately the one we contacted is a friend of my SIL so she is charging us less than her normal fee in order to make it last as long as we can). I had one of Culin's teachers comment to me the other day that the difference between when he started JK and now (about 1.5 years) is amazing and she just can't believe how much he has improved in his speech. Keep fighting Sunny!

  2. I really believe regular speech therapy would help but it really is an uphill struggle. Private therapy is way out of our financial league. Fortunately for Reuben tenacious is my middle name ;)

  3. And very happy to hear Culin doing so well!


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