Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Why be a breastfeeding counsellor?

Of late I've been wading my way through a number of things, returning to work at the housing association, my pet services business, looking after my family amongst other various bits of life. And I must say I am almost exhausted by it all.

The other big thing I've been grappling with is the practicality of becoming a breastfeeding counsellor. Administration was something I hoped would be at a minimum in my chosen profession but here it is raising its ugly head again, it would seem that even person centred jobs are not exempt.

The admin side has become such an elephant in the room that I've had to really evaluate my feelings about my new role and about the organization I do work for (I'm self employed and so am like a sub contractor!). There have been times even today where I've wanted to throw all my toys out of the pram, the baby out with the bath water, you think of a cliche and I'm already there.

So if the stuff I'm so offended by is so offensive, why am I doing what I'm doing?

Because breastfeeding is worth it. I've blogged about the brilliance of breastmilk, about the benefits to both mother and child. But my attraction to breastfeeding goes deeper than even these wonderful things.

Women are incredible. In the face of their children, a woman cannot be topped for bravery, courage, perseverance, patience. She has reserves she doesn't even know about. Carrying a baby and giving birth is extraordinarily special and as a c-sec and natural birth mum, I scoop up all of us in that statement.

We then want to do the very best for our children once they are out of our bodies and into our arms. Some of us find breastfeeding comes easily, to some of us... not so much and I fell inside that category.

Luckily I had fantastic support. Statistics show that the vast majority of women who stop breastfeeding, did so before they wanted to. That statement has its arms open to a lot of women. As a breastfeeding counsellor I can support women to have the breastfeeding journey they want to have.

Women deserve to have the parenting experience they want. My journey as a breastfeeding counsellor is about that, it is about the women, the babies, the families, ultimately the wider community, in fact let's aim high, worldwide health!

Thanks for walking with me as I reminded myself why I do this.
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