Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Warning - tired ranty blog alert

I wanted to write today but having stared at a blank screen for some time without typing a single character, I figured a quick visit to the Creativity Portal for a push button blog prompt was in order. I generally find that the best thing to do is just get words down, even of its just to write about how you cant write. (ahem).

Well I pushed the prompt button and so you know what it said?!

"Blog prompter is getting tired"

What?! If the prompter is getting tired then what hope do I, a mere writing mortal have?

Seriously though, it has no idea. I AM TIRED!! Take that and put it in your RSS feed Mr (of course) blog prompter.

*sigh* I have a meeting on Thursday to discuss my future with the company. It's going through a restructure and my job is in the firing line. I need to apply for one of the 2 jobs to be created from my current post.

I can barely think about what to have for dinner, never mind my next career move. I know what I really want to be doing and frankly it does not involve trying to persuade people that paying their rent is a good idea. (it IS A GOOD IDEA by the way people, you don't really need me to remind you surely... don't answer that).

And now its late and I'm even more tired. Thankfully no work tomorrow.
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