Sunday, 6 March 2011

Losing The Plot

I'm not exactly Alan Titchmarsh but I have this vegetable plot in my back garden and I grow bits and pieces in it and its been an, up to now, 'Mummys stuff, don't touch!' area. And actually that's been just the way I've liked it.

However Jayden (5) has been asking questions about growing things and so in a rash moment I said when I next go to the garden centre he can choose the things we can grow. He drew up a list. On the list... carrots, potatoes (fine) apples (er...) bananas (hell no) so it was with a certain amount of trepidation that we set off.

They naturally enjoyed the ride on the trolley and actually the choosing of seeds etc wasn't quite as painful as I'd envisaged. We left with potatoes, green beans, rhubarb, spring onions, a raspberry bush, a vegetable multipack and a herb multipack. That was apparently the easy part.

The hard part it turned out was relinquishing some sort of control over the plot itself. In the name of 'family time' I have no idea where one line begins or ends, what has been planted where and slightly worrying is that he's dug a rhubard in somewhere but I don't know where. Not a small plant... may overpower the spring onions... He also snapped the sprouts off a couple of seed potatoes before I noticed *sigh*

But even though there were some fraught moments, and perhaps a couple of (muted) frustrated exclamations from me, it was a success... Jayden is now checking every 10 mins to see if anything has grown yet. Should keep him busy if nothing else!
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