Friday, 14 January 2011

Yet another unfounded attack on Breastfeeding

Had a nasty surprise to start the day when I was unpleasantly woken up by the radio. I dislike early mornings at the best of times but to wake up to the news that comments in the British Medical Journal appear to undermine breastfeeding... bad start to my day.

The media are quick to spot a sensationalist story when they see one and so the headlines quickly became 'breastfeeding not best for first 6 months'. Utterly inaccurate interpretations of the comments anyway, but no doubt the outcome has had formula milk companies rubbing their hands in money grubbing glee.

An attack on breastfeeding is a direct hit in favour of baby milk companies who ultimately, no matter how much the advertising tells us that they have our babies health at heart, only really care about their bottom line.

3 out of the 4 contributors to the BMJ article are funded by, yes you guessed it, baby milk companies. They stand to gain financially by being mouthpieces for these immoral and unethical companies.

UNICEF published an excellent response today and you can access it through this link.

They address each ludicrous point with facts, figures, quotes and integrity, unlike the BMJ, which has obviously lost sight of that quality.

Breastfeeding is worth defending. It has sustained the human race for thousands of years and it is no small coincidence that actually food intolerances have increased since we started to feed our babies the milk intended for another species. Human milk is specially designed for human babies. Not a difficult concept to grasp.
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