Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Weather and The Economy

There's a few things at the moment that any Brit can be drawn on. Snow (aka any weather whatsoever, what can we say, we are a bit of an authority on it... weather that is. We are crap at snow) and the economy.

It cost me £70 to fill my tank with Diesel last week. My food shopping bill has gone up in the last year by approximately £30 per month (and I shop around). My insurance for house, car and pets has gone up. Tax credits are being cut, and child benefit will follow undoubtedly within the next couple if years.

My wage is frozen. I'm not blaming the company for that, but it really is a sign if the times when rather than being annoyed at no yearly wage increase, we're simply relieved to have a job at all.

So how do the big banks justify their massive bonuses when the normal people are struggling so much to simply lead normal lives? Their profits are creamed off the UK taxpayers and its simply not right. I'd love to see them feed a family of 5 on my budget.

Ok, rant over. *steps off soapbox and stacks it neatly to the side*
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