Sunday, 2 January 2011

New Year etc...

I couldn't quite bring myself to type 'resolutions' as I invariably disgrace myself by failing miserably. So this year I'm going to do things a little different. I have one, yes ONE proper new years resolution.

* Stop biting my nails. As my mother says, "you're 30 now, its time you gave that up".

The rest of my 'new years etc' are as follows. The theory being that by not having a list I can't fail. How very defeatist of me...

* Find a bible reading plan that actually works for me. Not sure why I end up bombing out on this with such alarming regularity.

* Finally finish my daughters bedroom. It has such marvellous pink potential. The fact that she won't be in it for a while yet is neither here nor there, its half done and as such is making ME feel half done. Annoying.

* Perhaps add a bit more structure to my blog. Eg, Feeding Friday, something or other Saturday. Hmm, may need some more work but you get the general idea. More on that in a later blog presumably.

* Lose 14lb. Ok so that does sound a little like a new years resolution.

* Get a short story published

* Graduate as a breastfeeding counsellor finally and start teaching

* Still be in some kind of gainful employment at the end of the year. And by that I mean that if I do get made redundant, that I quickly find another decent job... though closer to home would be nifty.

Add to the above the "doesn't really need to be said but I'll say it anyway in case someone thinks I'm a bad person" stuff such as being the best mummy and wife I can be, remain hopeful that Reubens heart will be perfectly ok, and actually I may have just written a list of new years resolutions after all.


What list haven't you written?
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