Monday, 17 January 2011

My names Michelle and I'm a Phoneaholic

I saw a blog prompt courtesy of @socialmoms "what's the one thing you couldn't live without for a week and why" and it captured my interest.

My first thought was my phone. Like most people now, its not just a phone, its my access to the world... email, Facebook, Twitterland, texting, talking, calendar, note taking, blogging, internet... I even have my daily Bible reading program on it as well as the mini games like Angry Birds and Sudoku I play in the middle of the night while breastfeeding. Not forgetting that its my camera too; I het to instantly share gorgeous pics of my beautiful children with my family who don't live close. So not really an inconsequential thing in my life if truth be told.

I immediately felt terrible about that. Surely there's more to me than my Android phone! I could live without it, I know I could. And why am I left with the nagging suspicion I sound like some kind of addict?! Is being surgically attached to my phone an addiction? I've heard of people being addicted to video games, literally whole portions of their lives passing them by in a haze of The Sims and Call Of Duty.

Is my phone then having a negative impact on my life? How much do I really want to look into this. Just from these few lines I can see that the logical conclusion is a break from said phone just in order to prove I am not addicted.

"My name is Michelle and I am a phoneaholic"

Though I think it would be fairer to say what really attracts me to my phone (addicts me to it?!) is the access it provides me with. I've already detailed the things it allows me to do. My friends, my support network, my work, my hobbies... all have representatives in these techy mediums. To leave my phone means leaving them and those are the things, the people I am not prepared to go periods of time without.

So back to the question. My answer is still my phone, after much deliberation and soul searching. It's because its not just a phone, its my access to everything outside of my immediate circle and we now live in a bigger world than that... made to fit in the palm of my hand.
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