Saturday, 1 January 2011

Comedy of Errors vs Greek Tragedy

That's how this whole thing with Reuben feels right now. An eclectic mix of the two.

He had an ENT appt yesterday (Ear, Nose & Throat) in Eastbourne hospital. He was seen by the consultant rather than the registrar due to his severe speech delay and after checking his ear drums again, he said he wants to schedule grommets surgery straight away, can we come in next week.

He said that though Reuben can hear generally, its muffled, so not much clarity and this is likely to be having an effect on his speech development. The window of real opportunity for speech development is 0-5 years and he said that as his speech is so affected he doesn't want to delay at all.

But here's the kicker. We are whizzing through some surgery stuff and heart issues are mentioned and I asked would it be ok... consultant looks at his notes... there's nothing there about Reubens heart.

So he then says obviously he can't do the surgery without a go ahead from the consultant anesthetist (sp?) and he would in all likelihood say that he's unhappy to put him under without the go ahead from the cardiologist.

So we are back to waiting for the 11th Feb. Could anything else hang on this date?! It's also my last day of freedom as I return to work on 14th Feb. Happy valentines me!
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