Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Spoons Ahoy

When we started this babyled weaning onto solids journey, my only clear aim was that I wanted to follow Daisys instincts and to go at her pace and I have been surprised daily with her progress and at how well she has done.

She is really eating as part of the family now, joining in our roast dinner on Sunday and showing us how much she enjoys it with her beautiful smiles and giggles.

Watching my lovely bonny breastfed baby, I've become convinced that if she is left to her own devices as with how she controls her breastfeeding habits, then she will find her own way so I have been following her lead. If she looks interested in something I have then I've been letting her give it a go (salt and sugary foods excepted) and that's how she came to try the corn on the cob and loved every gummed morsel.

It has been with some debate then that I considered using a spoon at all. Inevitably though I figured that cutlery will ultimately form part of her eating habits so I gave her a spoon to play with during her meal and guess what she did? You guessed it, that spoon went straight in her mouth in the 'right' way.

Not that surprising when you think that babies literally put everything in their mouths but the difference was that this time, she ate the food from the spoon. When I have fed her with it (a bit of yoghurt) previously, it has immediately come back out and I think she wasn't ready for it, she hadn't had time to learn how to use her mouth for food independently.

If I'd spooned from the start, she would have learnt eventually but I think this has been a much more relaxed and confidence building experience for her.

And still no choking (a bonus).
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