Saturday, 4 December 2010

Keys to successful breastfeeding

"I am far too lazy to bottlefeed"; just one of the phrases used by myself and my breastfeeding mummy friends when asked about our feeding choices. In fact we did a radio interview when my eldest was 7ish months old and someone said that. It raised a laugh but it is actually very close to the truth. The thought of having to prepare all the bottle feeding paraphernalia in order to leave the house really does leave me cold. I have enough trouble leaving the house as we are.

We were being interviewed that time as a part of women's health week and National Breastfeeding Week was looming. There was around 5/6 of us, we all were still breastfeeding at 10 months and more, and that did make us an unusual sight.

The (not so secret) secrets of successful breastfeeding

Understand me when I say I am NOT bottle bashing here. Everyone has their own decision to make and I am simply saying one (slightly dramatised) reason why I didn't/don't bottlefeed my children.

The points here - I breastfed, I met up together with other breastfeeding mothers, we carried on for far longer than we might have done had we not had a group of our peers encouraging us to continue. We were a mixed bag of people too, varying degrees of education but all convinced that we were doing the right thing. But the point is... we met together. Meet with other breastfeeding mothers and you'll increase your chances of breastfeeding at all and for longer

The next key is to keep yourself informed. Read up about the benefits of breastfeeding. Benefits to both the mother and the baby. I feel sure that if more women knew just how good it was in terms of health for both, then more would give it a go. Google breastfeeding benefits to get reams and reams of info on the subject.

Educate your partner. Statistically you are more likely to breastfeed if your partner is supportive.

Know where, when and how breastfeeding help services are available. You might never need them, but having the power to know how to access it at your fingertips is so freeing.

Equip yourself and enjoy your successful breastfeeding journey
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