Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Baby Led First Foods Update

I have been caught by surprise with the way my daughter has taken to eating. It has been totally different to the way the boys started food. All those purres and mashes. And she just picks up a bit of food and eats it.

She carefully picks up what she wants and thoughtfully puts it to her mouth, looking at it and turning it round before gumming it into a soggy mess, probably getting around half of it down to her little tummy.

She's now tried cucumbers, mashed potato (now THAT was messy...) courgette (squash), cheese - in sticks and in a sandwich, steamed carrot sticks, toast, banana, Apple and Pear slices and rice cakes. She enthusiastically ate them all.

No pressure from us, I haven't PUT a single thing in her mouth. I'm relying on her instincts to guide her in her eating journey. Babies have excellent gag reflexes, so when something a bit too big broke off, her gag reflex brought it straight back out again before I even had time to react.

I must say at this point that I don't leave her alone even for a mili-second at the moment when she has food on her tray or even within reach. I trust her body to eject a stuck bit of food but as a Mummy its my responsibility to be the back up plan.

Next things on the menu... more vegetables - broccoli, avocado (when I can get hold of it -its a lovely naturally fatty food) cauliflower. Then pasta. On the pasta I'll do my sneaky veggie sauce so that's one other way of getting more goodness into her. I don't eat much meat personally so will probably delay that a while longer, though hubby is determined that she'll have turkey at Christmas! (we'll see...)

She is still happily breastfeeding and I feel like the way she's doing this at her own pace is like a continuation of 'breastfeeding on demand' and feels like the most natural thing for her. I didn't think that she would take to it so well, I thought I'd be anxiously worrying about her taking food, but its ok so far. I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, what is your babys first and favourite meal?
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  1. I started giving my baby rice cereal about a week ago. He is almost 5 months. He absolutely LOVES it!! I am still breastfeeding and he only has the cereal once a day. I am not ready to start him on anything else yet (maybe next month). :)

  2. Hi Apple! Weaning is a lot of fun, glad your little one is enjoying it!


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