Monday, 29 November 2010

Winter Dilemma

My 5 year old is almost speechless with excitement about the possibility of snow. Naturally to him, all the snow means to him is making snowmen, snowball fights and a day off school.

To say that the UK is ill-equipped to deal with snow is somewhat of an understatement. The country ground to a halt earlier this year when the snow came. The shops ran out of milk and loads of schools closed, including my sons.

I'm fortunate in that I can work from home if necessary but my husband can't as he's a driving instructor. It's one thing to expose your pupils to a wide range of driving conditions, but its quite another to expose himself to mortal danger of being driven in dangerous conditions by an exuberant teenager who really wants to jump out of the car and throw snowballs at passing cars (apologies for the sweeping judgements in evidence here...).

So tonight I am waiting with baited breath to see if there's an email from school entitled 'snow day' because there is apparently some geek in the council department staying up later than me in the hope of getting a day off work courtesy of God. (yes damage caused by snow is still referred to as an act of God, whether you believe in Him or not...)

For my sons sake I'd love it to snow, for our 'how will we afford Christmas sake' I hope I don't wake up to a winter wonderland tomorrow. What a dilemma.
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