Saturday, 13 November 2010

Where'd the time go

My middle is 3 today. This time 3 years ago I was watching in astonishment as my husband was given tea and toast 'to keep his energy up' and thinking 'never mind me what about meeeeee?' LOL

Roo was born at 11.21am, a successful VBAC and I was beyond proud.

He is a delight to me despite his communication 'issues' and one smile from him and people are at his mercy. Having said that he's talking so much more now and I think signing has loads to do with that. It's given him confidence to realise that people can understand him and not just stare at hum blankly when he 'talks'. A few times I've seen him give up when he was trying to tell us something and simply couldn't make himself understood. It was heartbreaking and I could have cried there and then.

And then his health stuff. We want the very best for our kids. We have to believe as parents that they will be healthy. Can't go through life falling over the what ifs of childhood accidents and ailments.

But then that day when I was expecting him to be discharged for a year for his digestive problems, the consultant looks at him and says 'he looks a bit peaky, let's give him a check over'.

Half an hour later we're in chest xray and ECG land. Then the phone call. Your son has an enlarged heart. We have referred him to a Cardiologist, try not to worry.

As a Christian I strongly believe that its in His hands and I get enormous comfort from that. But God birthed him to me, and worry is what us mothers do best. So we watch, wait and pray.

Today is going to be a good day.
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