Sunday, 14 November 2010

Trying to remember what I wanted to be as a child when I grew up should be easier than this I suspect.

Surely its one of those red letter memories, the ones we whip out when it comes up as a theme for a new years party (last year) or at a Mr & Mrs party (a few months ago).

I do remember the profession that I gave serious thought to though, although I don't think that's the one I'm grasping for as far as memories go. I wanted to be a vet. It seemed a no brainer really, loved animals, wasn't squeamish, watched 'All Creatures Great and Small' religiously, mum was a riding instructor and I was getting the grades needed. When it came to it though, and I was picking my A-levels, I realised I was more interested in human behaviour than animal and I chose Psychology, Sociology.... and Art... My need to express myself in some medium was always there, I guess now its just developed into the written word.

So I rather lamely abandoned James Herriott with no defined idea in mind other than following my interest.

Before vetting though, its starting to come back to me, I wanted to be a Riding Instructor like my mum. I also briefly wanted to be a magazine editor... for 'Pony' magazine.

Never gave a second thought to my fathers profession so it is quite hilarious that I've ended up doing the same job as him for the past 7 years. Ho hum.

Time for a change methinks.
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