Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Royal Engagement

I've long been a bit of a Royalist. I love Englands Royal family. For all that they are supposed to be the upper of the upper class, I think that on the inside they are just a family like the rest of us. Trials and tribulations to rival a few soap operas but that's life isn't it.

Unfortunately Prince William has had a more dramatic upbringing than most. Who doesn't remember where they were when the news broke of Princess Dianas death...? He and his brother lost their mother and they essentially had to grieve in the public domain.

In lots of ways Prince William has had a bizarre life but somehow he's managed to turn out a seemingly nice well adjusted man.

I'm happy (in a kind of abstract 'oooh, love the Royals' happy) for Prince William and his lovely Kate. By all accounts she's a very down to earth person.

Let's face it though, they already have a better chance of a successful marriage than Charles and Di seeing as there's no-one else in the marriage. Good luck to them.
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  1. Let's keep our fingers crossed it works out. Marriage these days lasts an awfully long time and they have a lot of things to contend with.


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