Thursday, 18 November 2010

One of those days

It really was. I just wanted to rewind and start over! Every now and then you get these days when everything you do and say is not right in the eyes of a cranky 5 year old. The fact that he was in bed by 7pm is neither here nor there because he then chose to stay awake reading and drawing without my knowledge until I went upstairs at 8pm, checked in on them and saw the glimmering torchlight under his duvet.

So back to this morning and it took nearly an hour to get him in his school uniform, then when I made it into a race and his 3 year old brother consequently got dressed before him, he had an absolute fit saying that wasn't fair as I'd helped him. Pointing out that his brother is actually not capable of dressing himself and needs help and what a big boy you are because you can do it yourself... didn't work. Still one stressed out 5 year old, though at least he's not still running round in his underwear.

Being woken at 5.30am don't get us off to the best start in the world to be fair.

Thankfully it wasn't my turn on the schoolrun so I trot off with little brother and littler sister to a toddler group we go to where I help out by doing the arts and crafts table. From thy second we arrive middle son is pestering me for biscuits. It's 9.30am for petes sake! Baby spat up approximately 17 million times and drenched every item of clothing on her, on me, in my bag...

On the way home he fell asleep, normally fine but as I had to wake him rather than allow his to wake naturally, he was then cranky as anything and he had to eat lunch and get round to nursery for the afternoon.

Needless to say... we were late.

So now usually daughter has her longer nap and I had planned to write and do a transcription that I've been putting off for eternity. Would she settle?! Of course not. 2 frustrating hours later, husband comes home and I manage to squeeze half hour work in before pick up time.

Rain!!!! Argh.

Decided after school to go to the library, usually a big hit with our boys. I spent the time there stopping them from disturbing homework club. We borrowed a DVD chosen by my eldest which he promptly decided he didn't like once it had been on for 5 mins ager we got home.

I'd be happy if dinnertime hadn't happened at all and let's just say bedtime... well anyway.

So now I feel like an old harpy fishwife and a hopeless mother as I've spent most of the day exasperated. No doubt a million things I could have done differently in order to have a better day. Would love supernanny to give me song tips but without the ritual humiliation on television.

Thankfully tomorrow is another day, and they actually fell asleep pretty quickly so fingers crossed.
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