Tuesday, 23 November 2010

On the side of caution

I looked on BBC news website today for inspiration to blog. The two headlines this evening are the North and South Korea conflict and the Will and Kate marriage plans.

One of them scares me half to death and the other gives me a warm fuzzy feeling and it didn't take a genius to work out which.

One of them causes me to worry about a future tainted by nuclear arms. The other causes me to think about a young happy couple embarking on their future together.

I did actually start to write about how I feel about the Korea situation but it degenerated fairly quickly into morbid speculation which to be honest is not my usual style and so is a bit indicative of my feelings on the subject. Perhaps I need to leave that where it is for the time being.

I feel quite positive about the upcoming Royal nuptials. Friday 29th April 2011. Apparently the nation gets an extra bank holiday, though when I mentioned going to London that day, hubby looked at me like I'd just spontaneously grown another head, so perhaps not.

I hope that the course of the engagement runs smoothly for them. This could be a but of a turning point for the way the Royals are viewed. In the main, I think people like Prince William, no matter their opinion of the rest of the family. I think his popularity status would increase if he styled his hair better but we can't have everything LOL.

I am not saying that these stories are actually even comparable, after all people lost their lives today thanks to the power struggle between governments, and that's tragic. What I am saying is that some days its easier to leave the bad news til later.

I will say a prayer for the families that list loved ones today, for all of us for protection from a nuclear armed North Korean government, and for Will and Kate, that they get their happily ever after.

What would you say a prayer for today?x

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