Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Mum In Business

I love the term Mumpreneur. It's so expressive and makes me feel like I am part of some exclusive club. It says that not only are you living the frantic life that is motherhood, but you're running your own business to boot.

My observation of a lot of Mumpreneurs is that the businesses are generally to do with some aspect of family life. My own business is no exception. I provide pet services and invariably my customers are or have children. Of course in this business I'm not going to light any financial fires, become a self made millionaire etc, but it does help with the extra things we'd like, whereas my paid job (yes I have one of those too) pays for the things we need, the mortgage for example!

We are tremendously lucky as women to be living in this time in history. Women have opportunities that our own mothers simply didn't have. We can choose to run our own businesses, and you know what? We'll raise our kids at the same time. It doesn't have to be either, or.

Saying that, we also have the opportunity to decide not to work (if that's individually possible of course...) and raise our children. But its choice and that is something we need to keep a hold of. Brave women fought and died for us to have that opportunity and freedom.

It bothers me when I hear of women not voting. I think everyone should vote, male and female, but the fact that the female vote was so desperately fought for, we almost have an obligation to tale advantage of it.

The attitude of our Grandparents, saying that Granny would 'do a bit of dressmaking for her pin money' belongs firmly in the past. The money we make as Mumpreneurs may not always be a significant addition to the household finances, but it is part of a statement about the fact that women are amazing. Historically looked over in terms of power in financial and family terms, those says should be long gone.

This week is global entrepreneurial week, today is the womens day (eek can't remember what they're calling it...) and its a reminder to all of us that the opportunity to live to our potential is only limited by ourselves.
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