Saturday, 4 September 2010

additional needs?

Reuben my 2 year, 10month old son doesn't speak much. That's not strictly true as he does try to speak but doesn't have a great deal of success making himself understood which is an enormous frustration to him. Add to that the classic toddler tantrums and voila one heck of a time for us all round.

He has speech therapy, and has had inthe past occupational therapy as he has fine motor delay too. He definitely is progressing but at his ownpace. The 'issue' here for us is whether this is simply a case of him progressing at his own pace or if there is a problem.

I've been giving thought to how I feel about this. What are my thoughts? I admit to frequent frustration and worry about how he will get on at school, will his language simply catch up one day... or is there a problem? If there is, what then? A major worry is about him being 'labelled' and then people not seeing the delightful creative kind little boy he is. That all they'll see is a boy who gets angry and frustrated when it seems he doesnt get hid own way. I can see and accept that he currently has 'additional' needs and we're trying to meet them but its hard getting the balance right. I don't want a diagnosis but I don't want him to miss out either.
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