Wednesday, 1 September 2010

3 months old...

Daisy is 3 months old today. I now have a 5 year old with verbal leakage about to start year 1, a 2 year old with communication issues would you believe (hard to imagine I know with my family...) and now, the icing on the cake. my daughter. Her two brothers thankfully idolise her, we'll see how long that lasts once she starts naffing off with their toys.

Reuben can actually say her name which is very sweet if a little galling as he called me 'daddy' until short while ago, in fact reverts to that every now and then for some reason. Both boys never miss an opportunity to cuddle her but they are so gentle too and this is a relief indeed.

Although she does now sleep through the night I an still exhausted though. Take this evening cfor example, I really need to have been writing up the amendments to an essay and really getting cracking on my final essay but here I am braindead lying on the sofa unable to put enough sensible words together for my diploma. You might ask then how come I'm writing here. Truth is, I just discovered an app on my new phone that allows me to update my blog without opening my computer. Lazy! Love my phone, though struggling still with the predictive text. This entry has probably taken twice as long than it appears to write.

So Daisy. This evening I brought in the washing single handedly and I don't just mean on my own. I mean with one hand as she didn't want to be put down. Which would be fine as I LOVE holding her... but I also need to bring in the washing before it gets damp and I have to do it again and we've already established is NOT my most favourite thing to do.

5pm to around 8pm is her 'time'. Mothers will know what I mean. That witching hour when nothing but cuddles, and sometimes not even that, will console your child. Mothers of more than one child will also know the heartache and frustration of having to simply 'get on with it' while baby cries. 'It' being feeding and putting together of the older kids. If 'it' was just housework then it would be no contest, believe me when I say there is no sound more penetrating to your soul than your baby crying and added agony of not being able to comfort her. Tell her that this is temporary and I will be back to her once the other open mouthed chicks have been fed.

I wish I could tell her that. I can't bear to see her cry but it will happen again tomorrow evening.

Then there is the boys. They also need and deserve my attention. Thank goodness for breastfeeding. It has saved many bedtime stories and goodnight cuddles. There we go, yet another reason why breast really is best.

Right, need to stop before I develop RSI...
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