Tuesday, 12 January 2010

The change my life opportunity

I have a year of changes coming up and I find I am wandering aimlessly around the internet looking for that elusive magical opportunity that will immediately strike me as being possible and interesting enough to motivate me.

First major life change is having the baby. This brings the total to three. At the time she is born, I will have 3 under 5 years old and while we planned it to be so, it brings up certain challenges about childcare etc, life balance, why did we have children etc. We love being a family and so what we really want it to be able to spend more time with said family.

I also enjoy working. That is, I love interacting with people, the stimulation is necessary for my emotional wellbeing and stability. I don't rely on them for my happiness but I do rely on adult interaction for a well rounded sanity level to be maintained. So while I don't RELY on them, people make me happy (and sad, but thats another rambling for another posted blog).

So my other major change is the strong liklihood of being made redundant later this year. Around the time that my baby girl will be 6 months old in fact, when I'll be running out of maternity leave and money. At THAT point, I'll find out if I still have a job.

Perfect timing wouldn't you say?

I do also hope to qualify as a Breastfeeding Counsellor before the end of the year. The culmination of quite a few years work and I am so excited about getting going and doing what I set out on this journey to do. And it will give me a small income stream, but certainly not enough to support the family.

Hubby is a driving instructor and loves it. But there are days (weeks... months) when I long to have a regular income to the household as well as my own. Unfortunately I sometimes feel like I am taking the main responsibility for paying all the bills and whiel I do accept that finances are not his strong point, it does get a bit tiring sometimes. He works his watsits off for us, but the costs of running the business are actually around half of the turnover currently and I don't see a way of them improving. Petrol and running costs are crippling but he is a great instructor. It is so frustrating. He hates working in an office and to be fair, it doesnt really suit him, so what is the answer here?

Prayer is the OBVIOUS answer and we're working on it, but we are great believers in having the hand to the plough so to speak. We won't sit idle and wait to win the lottery (which incidentally you to be in to win so thats a non-starter for us anyway) so we work in hope (a verse in 1 Corinthians which escapes me now) and belief that we will prevail.

Party Plan? I've done a few and despite having been there/done that, I still do think that the right opportunity is out there for the right person. It's just a case of matching them up with each other surely? So I'm off to keep tapping away. Right after CSI Miami. Woot!

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