Sunday, 1 February 2009

First Day at Work

I was thinking about Barak Obamas first day at work.

I wonder did he have the usual frustrations? Did the I.T. department get his log on and user ID to him in time, or did he have to twiddle his thumbs like the rest of us, not able to do a thing until that magic telephone call? Was he provided with a training plan? Did he have an induction session with a mindlessly boring jobsworth?

Did they get his telephone extension number right the first time or did his wife end up speaking to the secretary of state when she dialed hubby's number?

Was the caretaker parked in his 'spot' when he drove up that morning and was there a permit waiting for him at reception or did he have to claim a parking ticket back from human resources?

Was the traditional office walk-round as excrutiating for him as the rest of us? People looking up from their desks as the new guy is paraded?

Did someone forget to show him where to get his coffee at break? Or was the coffee machine inexplicably out of order?

Did he sit there an hour after arriving, looking at his pile of 'to-do' items thinking "I'm fairly sure none of this crap was in the job description"? Actually this one may not be that far from the truth.

I hated my first day at work, love it now, but I would happily forget those first hours of flailing around helplessly in red tape and enforced inadequacy, so good luck Barak, you're going to need it.

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